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40 Below Zero

The Denver-based band 40 Below Zero (FBZ) is a tight, soulful, rock trio with a big bold sound. The three members are journeymen musicians that have honed their individual skills playing the dives to the elite venues in the Denver area. Steve Mares (Bass), Rich Giglio (Guitar) and Jim Roepstorff (Drums) are the refugees of a progressive pop band (Turnstyle) that formed FBZ. Steve and Rich write most of the original material while Jim provides the embellishments and arrangements. 

FBZ's first EP “A Cold Six Pack” can be previewed and downloaded on the bands website The EP begins with a mid-tempo rockish blues; the tale of the “devilish” Dr. Doright fulfiller of wishes (by his own design) and ends with an English styled “electric” blues which insists that Winter may be the best season of the year. In between you’ll be drug through the blues, have a conversation with a wayward son, relate a board game to a difficult relationship and be delighted by the view. All this accomplished with catchy, rhythmic and melodic phrases that leave the listener asking for more. Enjoy! 

The band has over 5 hours of material split evenly between covers and originals. In an evening’s performance you’ll find yourself dancing to the songs of Stevie Wonder, Stevie Ray Vaughn and even Chuck Berry (all skillfully rearranged by FBZ) then whisked away to the insightful “All Blues” (Miles Davis) or to the lush introspective “I Am Here” penned by Rich. Then back to rocking their way through a little Joe Bonamassa and ZZ Top. The bands intent is to keep the listener energized, engaged and entertained.

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Thank you for your interest in the 40 Below Zero band. We would love to play your venue or private event!  We have professional gear as well as our own PA system. We are fun to work with and provide great music for your event!  

Our advertising efforts for upcoming performances includes emailing our fan base, and adding the events to our Facebook and ReverbNation pages.  Additionally, we provide posters for these upcoming performances and post the events on several entertainment sites including: Denver Blues Jam, Denver Night Life, American Song Writers, Colorado Musicians, Colorado Music Lovers, Denver Music Scene and Rock & Blues.  

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