The Evolution Continues

40 Below Zero - 3 Against Time

WE'RE BACK   (but while we were gone)

We not only learned to live with Covid!

We revised our show.... More Rock - More Prog Rock - More Jazz Rock

We wrote and recorded new music  (an albums' worth).... Music to intrigue your mind and tantalize your soul

And new "covers"  (songs you'll know) ....  Arranged to "power the trio" and motivate your feet

So .... come see the show of 40 Below (Revived & Retooled) Solid Rock and Roll

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New Recordings

This past summer we spent some fun days at Conway Sound Studios recording 10 original songs.  How and when this new material will be released is still in the planning stage.  Of course we will post that info as soon as the decision is made and if you just can’t wait…… attend one of our live shows, all the new song will be included.  (and to pique your interest -- here's two of the new ones) 

A Cold Six Pack

Recorded at Conway Sound Studio "A Cold Six Pack" is our first studio effort.   The 6 songs from the EP are posted on our 'Music & Video' page, so give them a listen (For best results play them loud) and send us your comments, we'd love to hear what you think.   Also, please help us out, all proceeds from the purchase of the EP become part of the bank for our next recording.  We thank you in advance. 

We're on the Radio

We'd like to send a special word of thanks out to our friends at KCMJ 93.9 FM in Colorado Springs.  They are the first station to play selections from our EP "A Cold Six Pack."  We really appreciate!!!  Click on this link for KCMJ during the 7 pm slot on Sundays to catch the band.